Pressures that face the water industry are highlighted in AMP8, these in turn will place more pressure on ageing assets and supply chain margins.

Regardless of the age of the assets, any Operations Directors and Asset Managers will focus on system sustainability, whilst meeting ever-increasing consumer demands. More and more water companies and contractors are choosing to work with Pontoonworks for their repair and maintenance projects across both clean and wastewater. This allows almost instant access to settlement tanks, clarifier tanks, rivers and reservoirs and even live aeration lanes.

Delivered bespoke solutions allow water companies and their contractors to facilitate works without the need to decommission and drain tanks, providing considerable time and cost efficiencies – quicker, safer and on average, 70% cheaper than a scaffold alternative.

Each of Pontoonworks’ installations is supported by comprehensive stability documentation which has been developed with engineering specialists Ramboll. This helps to guarantee all stakeholders understand the capacity of their floating worksite. On clean water sites, we also use separate blue DWI Reg 31 approved modules, ensuring no cross contamination.

We are the only pontoon provider in the UK with CSCS Skilled Worker accreditation, a standard that we have worked closely with CITB to develop and ensure we remain at the top of our sector. In addition, all our installation crews are full time employees and are EUSR qualified. We invest in our people to ensure our customers get the very best service.

Cost, safety and speed are just three of the reasons cited to asset managers in order to keep them on top of their maintenance. Pontoonworks would like to encourage the industry to be part of the revolution by innovating and changing their delivery approach for AMP8.