Molecor, a leading Spanish company in the development of advanced solutions for water supply, sewerage systems, and building, has established itself as a reference in the sector, extending its influence on more than 30 countries worldwide with products such as TOM®, ecoFITTOM®, TR6®, SANECOR®, AR®, EVAC+®, among others.

Grounded in its firm commitment to the environment, the company dedicates a significant percentage of its Research and Development (R&D) efforts to creating increasingly efficient and sustainable systems.

Product Environmental Footprint Analysis (PEFA)

Following the methodology established by the European Commission Recommendation (EU) 2021/2279 for the study of the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), Molecor has carried out a comprehensive assessment of the environmental impact of TOM® pipes at all stages of their life cycle.

From raw material extraction to final product disposal, including manufacturing, distribution, and use, the environmental effects have been meticulously analyzed to ensure the product’s overall sustainability.

Committed to technological innovation and environmental preservation, Molecor positions itself as a leader in the development of sustainable solutions for water transport.

Environmental Considerations and Energy Efficiency

TOM® is a sustainable pipe, in which design it has been taken into account the preservation of the environment considering aspects such as energy saving, sustainable use of natural resources, durability of the works and environmental friendliness of the materials used.

As always at the forefront, Molecor, following the last common methodology for calculating the Recommendation 179/2013/EC proposed by the European Commission for the Study of Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) has evaluated the environmental impact of the TOM® pipe at all stages of its life cycle from cradle to grave, ie from the extraction of raw materials to the final disposal of the product, through manufacture, distribution and use of the pipes.

According to this, it has been studied the effect of the TOM® pipe on 14 environmental impacts that are grouped based on the condition to the different means: Air and atmosphere, Water, Soil, Human health

The best-known environmental parameter is the Carbon Footprint, which considers the greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere expressed as CO2 and corresponds to the result of the environmental aspect of climate change.

TOM® pipes have the eco-label Environmental Footprint FVS Seal, promoted by the Sustainable Life Foundation and the General Directorate of Social Responsibility of the Company’s Ministry of Employment and Social Security

Sustainability and Waste Management

Sustainability is a guiding principle in the design of TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM fittings. With a useful life exceeding 100 years, these pipes and fittings not only promote energy savings but also the sustainable use of natural resources.

The use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), less dependent from oil than other polymer (only 43% of its composition depends on oil) and the absence of additional coatings ensure a more sustainable product that keeps quality at all times guaranteeing a suitable product  for the conveyance of water interned for a human consumption

From energy savings to the sustainable use of natural resources, various aspects have been considered to ensure a lower environmental footprint and greater durability of the water networks. Furthermore, PVC is fully recyclable, facilitating its reuse in the manufacture of other plastic applications, thereby reducing waste generation.

Recognitions and Certifications

TOM® pipes represent an ecological and sustainable solution for water transport, demonstrating their contribution to the sustainable development of the planet. They are endorsed by the Sustainable Life Foundation and the Directorate General of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, attesting to Molecor’s commitment to sustainability.

Additionally, Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) have recently been obtained for four of the most significant products within its wide range of PVC plastic solutions for water service: AR® Soundproof Evacuation System, TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings both in MOPVC, and the corrugated PVC Sewage System SANECOR®. These declarations provide transparent and verified information on the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle. These fittings, with the same characteristics and advantages, complement the pipes in the market, further reinforcing Molecor’s offering more uniform networks of sustainable solutions.

In summary, Molecor through its continuous technological innovation and firm commitment to the environment, has developed products such as TOM® pipes, which stand out not only for their efficiency and durability but also for their low environmental impact throughout their life cycle. The implementation of the Product Environmental Footprint methodology has allowed Molecor to evaluate and minimize the environmental effects of its products.

The attainment of the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and endorsed by other recognitions such as the Sustainable Life Foundation and the Directorate General of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, certify Molecor’s commitment to sustainable development and responsible resource management. By improving energy efficiency and promoting material reuse, the company not only meets current infrastructure needs but also significantly contributes to environmental preservation for future generations.

Thus, Molecor has become a global benchmark in the water transport sector, demonstrating how innovation and sustainability can be effectively integrated to address the environmental challenges of the 21st century.