FLOMEC® QS200 Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeter measures flow instead of sensing it

UK Flowtechnik are excited to announce that they will become the leading UK distributor for the FLOMEC QS200 insertion ultrasonic flowmeter, designed and manufactured by U.S flow meter specialists Great Plain Industries, Inc. (GPI®). The flowmeter has been designed specifically for commercial irrigation applications. The QS200 provides an accurate reading of liquid flow rate and accumulated flow.

“The irrigation market has shifted to the need to measure flow, especially in low flow situations like drip irrigation. The QS200 was designed to do just that” said, Jim Peterson Director of Sales at GPI.

The QS200 has picked up awards along the way including the ‘New Product Contest award’ for its unique design, ease of use, water/resource-use and product life expectancy at the 2018 Irrigation Show held in North America.

The QS200 has no moving parts and utilizes ultrasonic technology to measure flow instead of simply sensing it. The QS200 provides high accuracy (2% of Reading) and extended leak detection down to 0.1 fps (0.03m/s). It measures flow rates five times lower than current flow sensors on the market, as low as 0.22 GPM (.83 L/min) and is compatible with most common name brand irrigation controllers. Additionally, it offers LED indication of power and flow activity and retrofits into Data Industrial PVC tees.

“Current flow sensors in the industry cannot read low flows required in many irrigation applications. Even at their lowest detectable flows, the accuracy is extremely poor, basically making them flow switches. This dramatically limits the ability of finding leaking valves or other irrigation system leaks” said Edwin Fetzer, QS200 Lead Engineer.

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