Maintaining an ageing leak detection system can be difficult, particularly when other electrical equipment is upgraded and internal building layouts are changed over time.

When Southern Water Services first installed the TraceTek leak detection system at their HQ, it was integrated into the original building design and installed as part of the mechanical and electrical services. The leak detection system was intended to monitor the office and technical area, and had done so effectively since its installation in 1990, with regular maintenance from the in-house facilities and maintenance team.

However, due to the high volume of IT cabling that had been added in the areas over the years, maintenance had become much more difficult. There were now thousands of optical and electrical cables densely packed within the area and, with IT cabling infrastructure and server facilities being the nerve centres for most modern businesses, water leaks posed a major risk – the most likely cause for a leak being water accumulating on the floor from a leaking heating system or water dripping from overhead pipework.

Water leaks are of particular concern when situated beneath raised floor facilities, where they can go undetected for a period of time and cause further damage. In a worst case scenario, the leak may not be detected until shut down of a critical system or until the leak appears on the ceiling of the floor below. Fast detection and subsequent corrective action is paramount in the prevention / minimising of damage.

Appreciating the importance and value of efficient leak detection, Southern Water recently decided to upgrade and update their building’s ageing system, once again choosing TraceTek products for their longevity and quality. The new leak detection system was designed and supplied by Aquilar, who have been providing leak detection solutions for nearly 20 years.

The pre-existing leak detection system included 800 meters of TT1000; a small but rugged water sensing cable that is extremely resistant to abrasion and corrosion, with the ability to detect water at any point along its length. However, as the original location of the TT1000 water sensing cable was no longer easily accessible or appropriate, due to the number of other cables occupying the space, Aquilar advised that this be replaced with 210 AT-PROBE-TS water sensing probes instead.

The AT-PROBE-TS is specifically designed to allow for the monitoring of leaks in areas where sensing cables are difficult to install. It integrates seamlessly into TraceTek and AquiTronTM water detection systems, either with or without sensor cable, providing a truly versatile sensor system.

The new probes continue to be monitored by four existing TTB-MA panel monitors, one per floor of the building. This is due to the fact that, having assessed Southern Water’s requirements and satisfaction with the existing system, Aquilar suggested that an upgrade to the TTDM-128 digital and addressable panel was not necessary.

Despite its age, the TTB-MA was in perfect working order, and is still compatible and appropriate for use with the new elements of the leak detection system. Over the past 25 years, thousands of clients have chosen TraceTek products as part of their leak detection solutions because of their reputation for reliability, high performance and maximum durability.

The new system was installed by Southern Water’s in-house facilities maintenance team. Its modular assembly allowed for bespoke configuration for their current needs whilst also enabling future expansions.