Vanderkamp Pumps are building a solid reputation in the UK – not only for their tailor-made pump and pipework supplies, but also for their quality cutting-edge engineering designs.

The company was established 30 years ago in the Netherlands and let’s face it… the Dutch are world leaders in flood and water management. In fact, CEO Rick van der Kamp’s experience working with water goes all the way back to the age of 10 when he first went on dredging jobs with his father.

Rick explains: “We fully understand the pressures faced by water companies and tier 1 contractors in the UK today. We pride ourselves on the engineered design and delivery of the jobs we undertake and are mindful of the fact that we carry the reputation of the companies we work for.

“Vanderkamp works closely with clients to get a full understanding of the problems and obstacles upfront. In this way we can ensure the solution is right first time round. Preconditions are the most important part of any project, no matter what the size.

“Our work isn’t just about providing pumps and pipework; we have a huge amount of engineering and mechanical know-how, and the latest smart technology, at our disposal. We are fully committed to building up long-term customer relationships and helping our customers achieve the best possible solution.”

This commitment is reflected in Vanderkamp’s decision to expand its UK operations by adding a second depot in Essex to complement the Brentwood head office. Both are fully operational, and store and maintain a range of diesel and electric pumps, pipework and specialist equipment. To date, projects have spanned as far afield as Scotland.

Rick added: “We set up our UK operation in 2019, after completing some large and complex projects in the years before. It became clear to us that there is a growing demand in the UK for a company like Vanderkamp that can handle large and complex over pumping installations. Now that things have opened up again, we’re seeking to forge even more new connections.

“I would say that our engineering design capabilities are really quite unique, and set us apart from the rest of the market. Our solutions provide a level of confidence that is second to none. So if, say, we need to divert wastewater from A to B, our engineering insights will work out the best, most efficient way – everything from calculations to commissioning and installation.

“Location isn’t a problem either as we can monitor installations and pump flow etc. remotely 24/7, and arrange emergency callouts if needed.”

The company recently took on the world’s largest temporary pump installation at Ijmuiden Locks (pumping an incredible 72 m3/s), which Rick regards as a great honour.

Vanderkamp also have two large standby pumps at the Queen Mary reservoir in London, while its sister QEII reservoir undergoes a major programme of inspection and maintenance.

Vanderkamp’s services include:

  • Engineered design solutions and construction of temporary works, including:
  • Construction design
  • Hydraulic design
  • Electrical design
  • Full 3D design
  • CAD and working installation drawings
  • Rental of complete temporary pump installations or single components, and mobile fine screen installations
  • Sales, including pump assembly and installation
  • Consultation
  • Servicing

The company’s equipment is all fully compliant and designed to tackle increasingly complex wastewater and disaster operations.

For example, Vanderkamp can take over the total functioning of a pumping station, including operation and surveillance.

The company’s industrial water applications typically deal with process water, which usually involves great capacities and high pressures.

Diesel pumps are dry self-suction pumps or make use of vacuum systems, and are available in the range of 100 to 8000 m3/hour per pump.

Electric pumps are either wet or dry primed, ranging from 50 to 15,000 m3/hour per pump. They use Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) to reduce power consumption, and can be connected to the mains or generator, which is controlled by Vanderkamp’s Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

Vanderkamp also owns a range of fire-fighting container sets with varying capacities and pressures.

Rick concludes: “We utilise a variety of suppliers and also develop our own range of pumps, ensuring we can always provide the most effective pump for any situation.”

Full details about services and equipment is available at