Increasing regulatory pressure and environmental challenges highlight a need for new knowledge and skills in the Management of Water Production.

Learning & Development Associates (L&DA), a specialist provider of higher-level training for the Water and Environmental Industries, has successfully delivered their Level 5 Water Production course to learners from a range of water companies, most recently including Yorkshire Water, to support the efficiency and resilience of Clean Water Production.

According to the latest statistics, the average daily household water usage per person in England and Wales is 152 litres, and from 2000 to present day the UK population grew by almost 10 million people. As these figures continue to rise, encouraging strategic thinking at senior level is vital for resilience to these risk factors, as well as continued competency for increasing regulatory demand.

Yorkshire Water recently engaged in L&DA’s Level 5 Water Production course to provide a cohort of their Clean Water Production Managers with a recognised and regulated training opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills.

Following the first successful delivery of the course, Luke Hammond, Product and Process Manager at Yorkshire Water, said:

“We are delighted to report that our first four students have now achieved the ProQual Level 5 Certificate in Management of Water Production, allowing the students join a growing list of Water Production Managers across the UK to achieve the Level 5 at national level.

Fantastic course tailored and delivered to a group with varied experience. Full compliments to Denise Riddell, Glenn Jackson & Steve Watson, plus all those behind the scenes at Learning and Development Associates – Thank you from all at YW.”

Learner comments from other water companies who have engaged in the Level 5 course have included:

“A good standard of instruction from experienced professionals. It was also very interesting to learn about the wider water industry in the UK.”

“An amazing instructor and I highly recommend his teaching for further classes.”

“I have a better understanding of resilience and feel this will be very helpful for my job.”

“Really enjoyed the week.  Best training I’ve had in my 11 years at my company.”

Suitable for Water Production Field Managers, Operational Managers, Project Managers, Department Heads, and other practising Senior and Middle Managers across the Water Industry, the Level 5 course from L&DA has been designed to develop the technical skills and understanding of the Management of Water Production to improve operational performance.

For more information on the Level 5 Water Production course, contact L&DA via / 0330 111 3344 or visit: