Coveya is a Bristol based manufacturer and supplier of conveyor systems, supporting a wide range of applications and industries including water treatment and reservoir maintenance and with customers throughout the UK and further afield and with a history that spans over 30 years, Coveya designs, manufacturers and supplies conveyor systems for hire and purchase, all of which aim to eliminate downtime, offer flexibility, quality and a sustainable materials movement solution. 

Coveya’s specialist water treatment conveyors enable the efficient movement of solid water waste including dewatered sludge, dried biosolids and cake which can then be transferred into either skips or trailers, ready to be taken away.  For reservoir maintenance projects, conveyors can efficiently move gravel and other materials to ensure the upgrade or repair of reservoir roofs, reducing the need for manual labour, enabling the efficient movement of various materials even where there are weight restrictions or it’s a constrained or complex site.  All the conveyors can be safely installed on site and with a free onsite visit available, Coveya can advise on the best conveyor for a specific site, application or process. 

Coveya’s modular conveyors have supported a vast range of customers including a leading water treatment and maintenance company that was looking to reconfigure its water treatment plant, dramatically expanding its capability which saw hire conveyors on site for two months to the Thames Tideway super sewer tunnel project on the Albert Embankment close to Vauxhall Bridge, London where conveyors moved backfill material from the delivery area along the river path to the newly constructed cofferdam in the river approx. 80metres away. 

For the treatment of water solids, Coveya offer three conveyors.  The Easikit 600 is capable of reaching longer distances, even at inclines of up to 35 degrees; the Easikit Radial is built to order and its ideal for projects where a combination of radial slewing movements and variable discharge positions are required and the Easikit Mobile offers a portable solution which is easy to move around site.  It has a hydraulic ram to achieve inclines of up to 17 degrees.

For reservoir maintenance projects, Coveya offers the Invader 45 which is perfect for constrained sites and offers 50% more power than other conveyors in it’s class, the Easikit 450 which is perfect for  medium-duty materials handling over longer distances and the Easikit 600.

All Coveya conveyors whether they are on short/long term hire or if purchased can be installed, maintained and serviced on site.  They offer training and a comprehensive range of support tools to ensure each conveyor works in the best way possible.  

The Coveya team has developed a reputation for excellence and innovation and during 2020, the company has continued to work closely with its customers, responding to changing needs and delivering new products that add real value.  There is a real commitment to keep track of what customers need both now and, in the future, and therefore Coveya’s product range constantly evolves to meet specific customer demands. 

For more information visit where you can also download the Coveya Water Treatment & Reservoir Maintenance brochure.  You can also call 0800 915 9195 or email