There was only one water company on the Sunday Times’ most recent ‘fastest growing companies in the UK’ list and that was Bluewater Bio

The award-winning specialist in cost-effective water and wastewater treatments shot to number 35 on the list in a remarkable business journey.

At the heart of the Bluewater Bio success story in the UK is FilterClear, the next generation multi-media filtration system that removes suspended solids from waste water with high filtration rates of 25m/h and above.

The system’s patented arrangement of four stratified media layers – of anthracite, silica, alumina and magnetite – produce a filtered water quality second to none. The total phosphorous discharge alone is reduced to less than 0.1 mg/l if required, comfortably satisfying the demands of the Water Framework Directive.

The first permanent phosphorous removal installation for FilterClear took place at Severn Trent’s Codsall sewage treatment works, at the beginning of 2018. Since then Bluewater Bio has won multiple contracts with several more key operators, including Wessex Water, Southern Water, Welsh Water and United Utilities.

Key to its enviable approval rating is the ultra-low maintenance required, while yet achieving consistently high quality effluent standards, said Andrew Bibby, Business Development Manager. “Take the Codsall plant, for example, it hasn’t been serviced since it was installed, it has been so trouble-free.

“As the Severn Trent manager who was instrumental in championing FilterClear at Codsall, said, ‘It is reassuringly boring!’

“There are no moving parts within the vessels, so other than the backwash pump and blower, which might start up periodically to carry out a backwash, there is nothing to maintain.”

Andrew said: “FilterClear’s cost of ownership is probably the lowest of any system. There isn’t the need for ongoing expensive filter media maintenance that the other technologies need to keep them operational.”

Bluewater Bio’s activity in terms of sales and market penetration has grown exponentially as water companies have cottoned on to FilterClear’s effectiveness and reliability.

“The trickier the application the more success we seem to have, because of FilterClear’s performance capabilities, we are securing the more onerous low phosphorous, high solids applications” he said. “It’s in this area where we offer significant differentiation over our competition”.

“We know that’s a sweet spot for the technology, but we are being encouraged by at least one customer to expand our thoughts, and think further ahead in terms of future proofing and look towards the next round of Asset Management Plans.

“Water companies wouldn’t have to spend twice if they installed the technology now – it would then be in place and ready to help them achieve their next targets.”

Another factor Bluewater Bio is quite rightly proud of too is the calibre and experience of its workforce. “Our chief executive prides himself on employing quality people,” said Andrew.

“So that means when it comes to providing technical support to our customers, there are members of the technical team, who were formerly water company employees, academics at Cranfield, all on hand to provide support and advice.

“Our staff have great experience and tremendous track records in their own right. We pride ourselves on the competence of Bluewater Bio.”