SiteBox is ATi’s brand-new approach to water quality monitoring systems. This smart alternative to traditional instrumentation panels is a complete water quality monitoring and control system that can be used in a variety of applications, from drinking water treatment to process water in the food industry, all housed in a carry-on luggage-sized portable box.

Its modular nature enables users to order a bespoke monitoring system that fits individual site requirements. This is in stark contrast to the size and complexity of traditional panel mounted solutions. SiteBox can be used on its own as the input to a control system, or alternatively as an independent monitoring system that polices existing water quality monitors.

Delivery to start up in minutes

SiteBox is quick to install, with delivery to start up in minutes, and typically generates live data (eg SCADA) within 30 minutes, dramatically reducing the overall cost of the instrumentation package. SiteBox also has a small footprint, along with low water usage, and can be configured for dual or triple validation, multi-stream (1- 3), up to eight sensors and over 20 parameters.

Offering a sustainable solution to water quality monitoring, SiteBox will ultimately help drive down complaints, increase SIM scores and result in safeguarding water quality for customer use.

Applications include:

  • pH
  • Turbidity
  • Conductivity
  • Residual chlorine
  • Combined chlorine
  • ClO2
  • ORP
  • Temperature
  • Ozone
  • Oxygen
  • Pressure
  • ….and many more

SiteBox benefits

  • Fast, low cost, fully portable water quality policing system
  • Policing system that offers and independent final check
  • Bespoke, modular system designed to suit individual site needs
  • Can be used as an emergency start up for drought bore holes
  • Ability to measure anywhere, can foresee potential issues and advises early, which avoids complaints and allows mitigating action
  • Zero and span data stored internally so calibration can be done anywhere
  • Internal clock records total run time on the sensor
  • Calibration timer alerts users when calibration is due
  • Use of ATi’s industry-leading, ultra-low powered smart sensors, M-Nodes
  • Years of run-time on batteries
  • 12-24 VDC mains power option
  • Integrated flow, pressure control and monitoring
  • RS485 modbus output of parameters and diagnostics
  • Fully portable
  • Small footprint means it can be used almost anywhere
  • Under 30 minutes to install and data delivery, reducing costly onsite time
  • Eliminates costly, time consuming and complex design process
  • Sensor diagnostics and calibration timer alerts give increased confidence measurements

SiteBox Bespoke Options

The modular approach of SiteBox allows users to order a bespoke system specifically designed for their needs. The system has the option of three difference power sources, five communication channels, up to 8 sensors from over 20 parameters to choose from, up to three streams, plus a flow switch option.

Available M-Nodes

SiteBox M-Node sensors are available for over 20 water quality parameters. Users simply select the parameters required for a specific location and ATi assemble them into a bespoke, integrated, modular system. All Nodes communicate on a common RS-485 sensor bus using Modbus protocol. Each M-Node has an IP-67 M8 water-tight connector for external communication. Power for the M-Node system is also supplied via the RS-485 bus. M-Nodes may even be used independently by system integrators who wish to communicate directly with the nodes using their own PLC system.

Power Options

Power consumption requirements of traditional water quality monitors prevent their use in locations where AC power is not available. The low power design of the SiteBox system allows these monitors to operate on 12-24 VDC power, as well as battery power, without sacrificing reliability. To further improve power consumption, the system allows users to operate in either continuous or cycle modes. In full continuous mode, power is constantly applied to M-Nodes and measurements are continuously taken. When operating in cycle mode, the measurement nodes are placed in “sleep mode” for much of the time. Every 15 minutes, the Nodes are switched to “full power” for about 15 seconds in order to take a reading and store data. Operation in cycle mode extends battery life considerably.

Space-saving, pioneering instrument solutions designed and manufactured by ATi – the first to act upon what our customers need.

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