Scottish Water are a publicly owned company, answerable to the Scottish Parliament and the people of Scotland. It is their duty to provide 1.34 billion litres of drinking water every day and also take and deal with 847 million litres of waste water daily.

A serious challenge, particularly with the wide spread land use across the country and the diverse landscape for an area its size.

So when Water Process Solutions limited were asked to assist in an upgrade project for one of the Water Treatment Facilities at Rawburn Duns, we were very pleased to get involved. The site had been running with a lime powder feeder which was coming to  the end of its working life so a smart approach with a reliable, fully supported and robust working system was requested. Along with this request was the desire for a larger storage system to relieve a little pressure for the site management engineers, during maintenance or process attention need times.

Water Process Solutions were able to offer a complete replacement batch make-up system to suit not only the larger feed and storage requests but also retain much of the existing process pipework and all of the existing control systems and therefore enabling the project to be completed at a far faster rate and much lower cost. The positive side of this was to enable the control and operational expectations of the system to remain as known and the global system / SCADA to remain online and unchanged.

Water Process Solutions (WPS) were pleased to supply 2 systems comprising; 1000L stainless Steel fabricated storage and mixing tanks, a mixer system to operate efficiently with the existing drive and larger tank dimensions, a volumetric lime feeder system complete with inlet hopper to mate with existing powder storage unit, Stainless Steel screw and local control panel for both local manual and automated control.

For the supply and installation, WPS worked closely with Ross Shire Engineering. RSE are very large and very well established engineering contractor – a go to partner for Scottish Water.

The supply and overall execution was quick, without any delay or issue, with the final commissioning and switch over going without a hitch to leave Scottish Water with a clean, tidy, fully functional system with ongoing support from WPS.