Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) is set to host its latest Challenge our Experts events on the topic of micropollutants. With a virtual panel format, the event will promote discussion within the industry on current and future micropollutant regulations, the challenges associated with micropollutant removal and the solutions available.

The event will take place on Tuesday 7th December 2021 from 9:45am until 3:30pm, featuring a panel of VWT experts including Alain Gadbois, Vice President – Technology at VWT Canada, Xiaohua Chen, Municipal Process Director at VWT APAC, Philippe Sauvignet, Industrialisation Manager at Veolia BS&P and Paul Cooper, Business Development Manager – Municipal at VWT UK.

Attendees will also able to take part in open forum Q&A session and a number of collaborative breakout sessions throughout the day.

“The growing level of micropollutants in wastewater and the damage they can do to the ecosystem is an increasingly important issue for the industry,” commented Peter Brewer, Business Director – Technology Projects from Veolia Water Technologies UK. “Despite this, micropollutants remain largely unmonitored and common water treatment processes are only able to remove 20 to 40%.

“With the concentration of these pollutants expected to increase amid climate change and water scarcity concerns, the industry must take action. We look forward to an informative and useful session for those looking for solutions and the chance to gain insight and advice from peers as well as specialists teams successfully dealing with micropollutants already.”

To register for VWT UK’s ‘Challenge our Experts – Micropollutants virtual event, please visit: