Water professionals know that sustainability is fragile. But as the industry deals with aging infrastructure and an aging workforce, there is a significant need to offset risk with improved digitalization to meet urgent AMP7 and PR24 targets. Beyond that, there needs to be solutions to solve long-term challenges facing the water sector.

Now, half-way through the AMP7 cycle, the only way to tap into these investments is to be more innovative in stimulating problem-solving digital opportunities.

Most water utilities have already started on their digital twin journey with a variety of systems in place for day-to-day operations, including IoT and sensors, SCADA, automated metering, asset registry, GIS, CMMS and EAM, and hydraulic modeling. The time has come to work smarter, fully digital, and with greater transparency. By collaborating with stakeholders in a digital twin, we can learn from the past, make better decisions today, and create a better future for all.

Bentley is hosting a water industry panel discussion to talk about how the sector is:

  • Building capacities and extending the lifecycle of our existing water infrastructure assets. We need to do more now with less by moving towards a digital twin approach.
  • Uniting the data from those different sources and providing a unified view of that data with digital twins, generating the building blocks.
  • Breaking down data and organizational silos to become more effective in improving digital workflows and outcomes.

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